Thursday, August 28, 2008

In the beginning there was...crafts.

I decided today, sortof out of the blue, to start my very own crafting blog. And why not!? I am crafty and cool. I am constantly creating things. I read other people's blogs to get ideas all the time. I can do this too! So here I am creating my very own blog. I must admit it seems a little daunting at the moment. Like a big responsibility and such. Will anyone evern read it!? I know people will get my crafts, sewing, and art projects cuz their usually pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself. But will they get me!? Maybe I am not everyone's "cup o' tea" as they say. With that, I will tell you all now that I will try to keep my rantings to a minimum and my crafting to a maximum! I will post old projects that I have completed, disasters that didn't turn out, "in-the-works" projects, ideas, inspirations, links to other favorite crafting sites, and maybe even some tutorials.

I plan on snazzling the shizzle out of some crafts!

If anyone is even out there reading this, please enjoy. Feel free to comment. Peace out....and to take a note from Blayne of Project Snazzlelicious!!

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