Thursday, August 28, 2008

My First Crafty Post!

Here is my first post of crafty fantastic-ness! This is a sticker album I recently finished. It started out as a birthday present for a friend's child but after I got about half-way done I realized it was not age-appropriate for a five-year old. Lucky for me she has a three-year old that it will be perfect for at Christmas!! Yippy! All is not lost!

So as a first attempt and never having made one of these before I definitely learned things I will do differently for the next one. But all in all its pretty nifty. Here is the breakdown (briefly) of how I did it:

I found pictures on the internet of cartoonish scenery; specifically plain ones with no characters in them. Printed two scenes to a page, cut them out, put two pics back to back and then laminated them. Those laminated sheets were sewn in between two pages of felt and then cut away windows with pinking shears. I did a lot of crazy topstitching with the sewing machine but I blanket stitched the front and back covers with embroidery thread. That's about it!


MissSuzy2 said...

Hi! I realize this is a very old post, but when I saw that it had no comments at all I decided I should leave one. I found your blog while searching for some inspiration for felt food. I must say this is just the cutest idea ever!! I think my daughter needs one of these for her upcoming 2nd birthday. She is a sticker addict and this is not easily terrible and actually quality made. I am super excited to have found your blog!
Oh.. Yeah. I saw in your felt food post that you were unsure about selling them or posting the tute. I say both is always a good option. I used to be weird about "giving away my secrets" but people appreciate it, and there are a lot of people who will still buy because they don't have the time or talent to make it as cute as yours! That's just how I see it!

Kerry said...

This is adorable! By laminating the scenes does that make it so the stickers can come off easily, making them reusable?
You are amazing with all your hand stitching, I utilize my machine as much as possible!!!
Thanks for sharing your things :)