Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crazy Sock Monster - Part II

I finished my sock monster! It was inspired by the Knitwits tutorial I saw on Martha Stewart's website. I think I am going to give it to my two-year old for Christmas this year. I love it. Here is the inspiration picture...and my version!

I couldn't find any socks in my house for this project. The original Knitwits version was made entirely out of socks. So I had to improvise since I always try to use stuff I already have to A) save money; and B) be as green as I can be. So I looked for funky fabric around the house. The problem? I didn't have any funky fabric that worked for this project! So I took an existing fabric and decided it needed polka dots! I ironed double-sided fusible webbing onto the back of some yellow felt I had and then traced three different sizes of dots onto the paper side, then cut them out.

Next I placed the dots where I wanted. Using a damp pressing cloth, I ironed the dots on. (P.S. I recently learned that the pressing cloth is a sewing girl's best friend. It's the best purchase I have made this year!)

Here is what the fabric looked like after the dots were ironed on.

And that's basically it! I just refered to the Knitwits picture I posted here to get a general idea of how to make this sock monster. The red legs of the monster are the only actual socks used for this.

I hope my son likes it!