Sunday, September 7, 2008

Martha, Martha, Martha! Your shade rocks!

Most of the time I find Martha Stewart to be a little too square for my taste. She is simply not edgy enough for me to even consider copying any of her craft ideas....usually. However, I was recently looking online for a pattern to make a shade for my kitchen window. I am trying to sell my house so I had some windows that were long overdue for some curtains. I needed to make something that would appeal to the masses rather than to my normally more kitschy and funky sensibility so I had to look for something a little more classic. I found these instructions on Martha's website, found here.

I needed this project to be inexpensive so I bought two black twin flat sheets from Wal-mart that were on clearance for $3.50 a piece to use for the material. I paid 99 cents for the brown satin ribbon and bought the needed dowels from Lowes for around $3.00. I had the stitch witchery for the ribbon already and I had the other necessary components too. For a grand total of $11.00 I made this awesome shade! Not bad for my first attempt at a working shade. Here are the results!