Friday, October 31, 2008

Pirate Costume for Halloween '08

It's Halloween! I made my son's costume this year...big surprise there. I wanted to make a costume that I would not have to spend a penny on for two reasons: the economy and to be green! I found a picture online of a pirate costume and knew that I had the material to make it! All I needed were some pirate accessories and some fake leather fabric for the boot covers and "belt". Here was my inspiration:

I did not use any type of pattern in order to save money. I made patterns from some of my son's existing clothes.

The boot covers ended up too tall for his short legs as you can see here:

So I shortened them and ended up with the final result!! Here it is:


Anonymous said...

Nicely Done!!! So very cute!

pucktricks said...

I made a very similar costume for my boys. They've worn it 2 years in a row now.