Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Phonebook Gift Wrap & Bow

I'm starting a new thing here that will soon be all the rage....I can feel it. Okay maybe not, but I still think it is a good idea! I am announcing that plain old, boring old Tuesdays will now become....

I can't promise that I will be motivated, nor creative enough to do this, ahem, every Tuesday, but I will try to shoot for at least once a month for right now until we get past these crazy holidays!

Anyhow, here is my first addition to Use What You Have Tuesday, which also happens to be in my Christmas 2008 Gift Idea list. This was a super easy and quick gift wrap that needed only a few basic supplies: A few phone book or newsprint pages, scotch tape, and scrap fabric, ribbon, or felt (optional).

I made this wrapping paper out of a phone book page. It only took one sheet since all I was covering was a cd. Then I made the bow out of another sheet from the phone book and I got my inspiration from this site. The only thing I did different was make some fringe for a puffy center and I tucked the ends in on the pinwheel bow and taped them down. I taped a few stripes of leftover felt from my scrap drawer to the back of the bow. Then I taped the fringy puffed center piece that I just made to the middle of the pinwheel. Then I attached my pretty bow to the package! That's it! Easy as pie.

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