Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sandwich and Chips - Felt Play Food

I am so excited to present my first felt play food! I have made a sandwich and a bag of chips! All the pieces were constructed using my own pattern and just your cheapy felt sheets from the craft store. Every piece was handstitched using two strands of embroidery thread.

For the sandwich I made two pieces of bread, a piece of lettuce, a tomato slice, a piece of bologna, a piece of swiss cheese and a piece of American cheese. I also made some peanut butter and jelly for the sandwich.

For the bag of chips I created "ridged" chips my stitching two sheets of felt together, running stitching lines evenly spaced apart and then cutting out the chip shapes. The I made the chip bag from felt and hand-stitched it together with embroidery thread too!

I want to make a banana next and then make this like a sack lunch set. I am on the fence as to whether I should sell felt play food or if I should just post free patterns on this blog. Let me know what you think!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Memory Game

I made this memory game from baby food jar lids. I used Stage2 BeechNut lids but I think that most any brand will work because the lids size only vary slightly.

The game follows all the same rules of your typical memory or matching game. This is my first design and I am gonna post for FREE the design sheets so that you can make your own! Just please remember to give me some credit if you use my design and also, please don't sell it or pass it off as your own. I worked very hard on this and deserve the credit!

Here's what you need:

12x Baby Food Jar Lids
1x Sheet of Yellow Felt
1x Printout of Lid Pattern
1x Printout of Fruit Pattern
Modge Podge
Craft Glue

1) Print out the Lid Pattern below:

2) Print out the Fruit Pattern below:

3) Cut out thin strips of yellow felt long enough to go around the exterior brim of the lids. The strips should only be as wide as the brim itself and not hang over anywhere. Using craft glue, attach the felt strips to all the lids.

4) Cut out all the fruit and lid labels from the pattern sheets. Use the Modge Podge and paste all the blue labels to the lids. The paste all the fruit labels to the inside of the lids. Be sure and get a good coating on the top of the labels to protect the images.

That's it! If you want to type out instructions for the game you can. Here are the rules that I created:

Players : 1 to 2

Goal: To collect the most matched pairs.

How to play: Place all the pieces face down. Youngest player goes first. On each turn, the player chooses two game pieces and turns them over. If a match is found, the player removes the two pieces, keeps them and gets another turn. If the player doesn’t find a match then those two pieces are turned back over and it is the next players turn. The game continues this way until all the pieces have been matched. Each pair is worth 1 point and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

I plan on making more designs of things like vegetable, animals, or objects and selling them on Etsy in sets. This way you could add to the fruit set! The more sets added the more difficult the game becomes, allowing you to make it easy for youngsters and harder for older kids!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Cutie-Patootie Baby Winter Dress

I had posted a while back that I was going to attempt to copy this Baby Gap dress (you can view the original post here):

So I am proud to say that I finished tonight! Yeah me!

I am going to try and whip up some cut little booties or shoes to match and then get my daughter all dressed up tonight to model it. Then I will post some "action" shots here and just for fun I am going to add my finished project to

I used lftover fleece for this project for the print sections and an old sweater of mine that shrunk became the purple parts. I love it. I think it looks almost identical to the original from Baby Gap. I decided to go with snaps instead of buttons and I changed the elbow patches to hearts that I did a cute purple embroidery blanket stitch on. I love it and I can't wait to try it on my 9 month old! Sweet! Here it is!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Felt Finger Puppets - African Animals

I made my very first set of finger puppets this year. They are a stocking stuffer for my son who is 2 1/2. Eventually I want to make more sets, all in groups of five, all with their own theme (such as Zoo Animals, House Pets, Forest Creatures, etc. I started with African animals and this set has...

A lion:

A monkey:

A hippo:

An elephant:

And a giraffe:

I got the original idea from a variety of places on the web. A fancy crafter sells similar puppets on Etsy here while I loosely based my pattern on these free finger puppet patterns found here. I will also be making the finger puppet theatre found here to go along with this later. It won't get done in time for Christmas but hopefully soon after or as late as my son's birthday in May.

Nintendo DS Lite Case

I saw this awesome case that somebody made here and put on Cut-Out-And-Keep (I am posting mine on there today!) and knew that is what I wanted to make for my nephew for Christmas. I don't own a Nintendo DS myself so, very sneakily, I traced and measured my nephew's DS one day when he was visiting. I also measure and traced one of the game cartidges. Then using the inspiration case from Cut-Out-And-Keep, I made my own pattern.

I knew I wanted the case to be black and red to match my nephew's DS. I got lucky that just about a week before I got this idea my sister gave me a huge bag of clothes that my niece and nephew had outgrown. Included in that bag was a t-shirt that, oddly enough, I gave my nephew for Christmas last year. It was a red Tony Hawk brand t-shirt that had this awesome skull design on the front. My nephew was dissapointed that his mom gave me his favorite shirt because, he insisted, it still fit.

So I thought it would be cute to repurpose the shirt since he loved it so much and it had the colors I needed. That is what I used for this case as well as a black thermal that had red tiki heads all over it (that's the lining inside). There is also some used fleece between the layers of fabric (I didn't have any quilt batting at the time). The tiny Tony Hawk name on the back part of the neck seemed like it didn't want to be left out of the project so I made it into a flap that would be perfect for a snap closure.

I changed the way it folded up a bit in the end and added some storage for some games (6 total) and some velcro so none of the games escape but the overall effect is the same as the inspiration. Now make way for the attack of pictures!!

Christmas 2008 Gift Idea List Update #2

Another update has been made to the Christmas Gift Idea List found here. I added a food category and added a lot more gifts to the adult category. It may be close to Christmas (only 5 more days!!) but there is still time to make some awesomely creative and unique gifts for those last minute people!

Grey Flannel Pleated Purse

I was researching gifts for Christmas and I stumbled upon this article with intructions on how to make a pleated handbag. This purse is also in my Christmas Gift Idea List for 2008.

I decided to make it with a grey flannel material I bought recently. You can't tell from the pictures too well but it is a grey flannel with black and hotpink designs on it. I did a hot pink top stitching to really bring out the pink in the fabric.

The chain was something that I had laying around in my jewelry box that I haven't worn in attached to my belt loops on my jeans for a punk look. I removed the clips on the chain (that allowed it to attach to my jeans), removed the dangling "A" (since my sister's name starts with "S") and replaced it with the pink diamond-y bobble thingy (which was on an old zipper pull). I hand sewed the chain onto the purse using hot pink embroidery thread.

The original pattern did not call for a lining or a closure so I decided to add both. The closure has a magnet it and connects to the other magnet that I sewed into the top band. I also added a proper lining to the bag with inside pockets. My sister loves purses so I hope she loves this one!

Playstation Controller T-shirt Applique

So I needed a gift for an 8 year old boy and was struggling. I decided on an appliqued t-shirt after a month-long debate. I wanted something cool and knew he liked video games. Well, after searching the web for inspiration I came across this image (below) that I found here:

I like the colors on the original illustration so I decided to stick with those. I printed the image out on a regular sheet of paper full page size. I got out some old t-shirts that I have in the scrap fabric pile to use for sewing projects and found a black tee and a green tee to use for this project.

I cut out two pieces of fabric, one black and one green, slightly larger than my printed image. Then I ironed on double-sided fusible interfacing and left the paper on after. I cut out the black first using the printout as my guide. Next, I took the printout and laid it down face up on the right side of my green fabric on top of a self-healing cutting mat. Using an Exacto knife, I cutout all the parts. Then I pealed the paper off both pieces of fabric and ironed them onto the t-shirt.

I decided not to do any stitching on the applique because it looked so good without it and I think that with careful washing it shouldn't have any problems staying put.
I am including this in my tutorial list because even though the instruction are basic and there aren't any pictures of the actual steps, I have included the image I used so that anyone can save the image, print it out, and copy what I did.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Felt Ornaments - 2008

K, anyone who knows me knows that I have been making felt ornaments like they are going out of style. Last year I made all of them for my tree. This year I am putting them on the packages of the gifts I give away or as presents themselves.

This is a little snowman that I just love! All I used was felt, a little fleece for the scarf and hat, buttons, and embroidery floss. It was a gift for someone and now I want one for myself! Maybe I could make a pattern and post it on here. Ugh, it may have to wait until after Christmas...

This is an angel I made using just felt and an iridescent silver sewing thread as well as metal twisty thing I clipped off the back of a silver bow that was on my Christmas tree that I used for the halo.

Here I made a Cubs logo ornament for my Cubby-obsessed friend. It was very intricate work and it took me over 2 1/2 hours!

Paper Clip Ring #2

Here is my first official installment of Use What You Have Tuesday. I have already made one of these paper clip rings this week but, hey, I had to start with something on this momentus occasion! And as the name indicates, I can only make things with stuff that I already had laying around on Tuesdays and it should be basic crafting/household items. So anyway....
This here is my second attempt at the paper clip ring. The first one (found here) was too only fit my pinky ring. This one I made sure would fit my ring finger.

I think this will be my last paper clip ring until I buy some jewelry pliers. Anyway, this ring was made using about 6 small (#1 non-skid paper clips) and two beads that I already had. I also use big, bulky normal pliers....which made this project almost impossible. Anyway, I made the "packaging" out of two lightweight cardstock scraps that I glued together with a gluestick and drew the design with a permanent marker. That's about it!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas List 2008 - Update

The super fabulous crafty Christmas Gift idea list has been updated! I have been collecting websites for a few weeks now and decided to do one large update. Check out the list here and enjoy!

Purple Bamboo Painting

I painted this for a friend's Christmas present last week and only just now got around to posting it. It's on a canvas that was roughly 11" x 14" in size. I painted the background first using watercolors, mixing purple, white, and blue in various combinations. Then I used a matte finish protective spray before adding the top layer (bamboo and leaves). I finished it off with a few more coats of protective spray. There are some weird shadows showing up in the picture near the bottom of the painting...I was outside and it is from the sun and trees. Anyway, here it is:

Paper Clip Ring

This ring I made in less than 10 minutes this morning....BEFORE coffee mind you. All it took was some pliers (I don't have the jewelry kind so I had to use regular ol' pliers...bulky and hard to use), paper clips, and 4 beads that I had laying around. It's a bit fits my pinky finger only, so the next one will have to be larger. I am also adding this to my Christmas gift list 'cause it is so unique!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Post Lazy

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I am in the Christmas rush! I feel more and more like I am working in Santa's workshop every day. I have been taking lots of pictures of the gifts I have been making but haven't had the time to post them! That just means there will be a surge of posts after Christmas.

Anyhow, I thought I would pop in for a quick update. I have already made a duct tape wallet, learn-to-dress doll (a monster, actually), some felt finger puppets, and everything else is in-progress as we speak. Today I am going to a Christmas party with my kids that I forgot all about until last night. So today I am going to attempt to make a similar version of this outfit from BabyGap:

I will post an update after I get it done....IF I get it done. I only have about 3 solid hours until the party. Crunch time, baby!