Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grey Flannel Pleated Purse

I was researching gifts for Christmas and I stumbled upon this article with intructions on how to make a pleated handbag. This purse is also in my Christmas Gift Idea List for 2008.

I decided to make it with a grey flannel material I bought recently. You can't tell from the pictures too well but it is a grey flannel with black and hotpink designs on it. I did a hot pink top stitching to really bring out the pink in the fabric.

The chain was something that I had laying around in my jewelry box that I haven't worn in attached to my belt loops on my jeans for a punk look. I removed the clips on the chain (that allowed it to attach to my jeans), removed the dangling "A" (since my sister's name starts with "S") and replaced it with the pink diamond-y bobble thingy (which was on an old zipper pull). I hand sewed the chain onto the purse using hot pink embroidery thread.

The original pattern did not call for a lining or a closure so I decided to add both. The closure has a magnet it and connects to the other magnet that I sewed into the top band. I also added a proper lining to the bag with inside pockets. My sister loves purses so I hope she loves this one!

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