Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nintendo DS Lite Case

I saw this awesome case that somebody made here and put on Cut-Out-And-Keep (I am posting mine on there today!) and knew that is what I wanted to make for my nephew for Christmas. I don't own a Nintendo DS myself so, very sneakily, I traced and measured my nephew's DS one day when he was visiting. I also measure and traced one of the game cartidges. Then using the inspiration case from Cut-Out-And-Keep, I made my own pattern.

I knew I wanted the case to be black and red to match my nephew's DS. I got lucky that just about a week before I got this idea my sister gave me a huge bag of clothes that my niece and nephew had outgrown. Included in that bag was a t-shirt that, oddly enough, I gave my nephew for Christmas last year. It was a red Tony Hawk brand t-shirt that had this awesome skull design on the front. My nephew was dissapointed that his mom gave me his favorite shirt because, he insisted, it still fit.

So I thought it would be cute to repurpose the shirt since he loved it so much and it had the colors I needed. That is what I used for this case as well as a black thermal that had red tiki heads all over it (that's the lining inside). There is also some used fleece between the layers of fabric (I didn't have any quilt batting at the time). The tiny Tony Hawk name on the back part of the neck seemed like it didn't want to be left out of the project so I made it into a flap that would be perfect for a snap closure.

I changed the way it folded up a bit in the end and added some storage for some games (6 total) and some velcro so none of the games escape but the overall effect is the same as the inspiration. Now make way for the attack of pictures!!

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