Monday, December 15, 2008

Paper Clip Ring

This ring I made in less than 10 minutes this morning....BEFORE coffee mind you. All it took was some pliers (I don't have the jewelry kind so I had to use regular ol' pliers...bulky and hard to use), paper clips, and 4 beads that I had laying around. It's a bit fits my pinky finger only, so the next one will have to be larger. I am also adding this to my Christmas gift list 'cause it is so unique!


Anonymous said...

This ring is really cool, I can't wait to start making it...

P.s- I saw what music you had on here and thought I would make some suggestions.

-Better Together by Jack Johnson
-Out of my League by Stephen Speaks
-The man who can't be moved by The Script.

Enjoy, and nice blog!!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!!
What a creative mind you have.
I have a friend at work who likes to leave me "presents" (paper clips) each chance she gets. I step away from my desk and voila a pile of paper clips appear on my desk, or I will get home and empty my pockets and there will be a surprise in the bottom (always a paper clip). She likes to call herself the paper clip fairy.
I wouldn't mind receiving a ring like this. HA HA.
I am going to try my hand at the technique and who knows maybe the paper clip fairy will visit her tomorrow.
Thanks for the idea and thanks for staying green.

Christie [[Little Toast]] said...

This ring is sooo awesome! Can you tell me, in a more detailed fashion, how to make one of these? I'm not very artistic or creative so I'm in need of more guidance. Haha :) Please and thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post thanks