Saturday, December 20, 2008

Playstation Controller T-shirt Applique

So I needed a gift for an 8 year old boy and was struggling. I decided on an appliqued t-shirt after a month-long debate. I wanted something cool and knew he liked video games. Well, after searching the web for inspiration I came across this image (below) that I found here:

I like the colors on the original illustration so I decided to stick with those. I printed the image out on a regular sheet of paper full page size. I got out some old t-shirts that I have in the scrap fabric pile to use for sewing projects and found a black tee and a green tee to use for this project.

I cut out two pieces of fabric, one black and one green, slightly larger than my printed image. Then I ironed on double-sided fusible interfacing and left the paper on after. I cut out the black first using the printout as my guide. Next, I took the printout and laid it down face up on the right side of my green fabric on top of a self-healing cutting mat. Using an Exacto knife, I cutout all the parts. Then I pealed the paper off both pieces of fabric and ironed them onto the t-shirt.

I decided not to do any stitching on the applique because it looked so good without it and I think that with careful washing it shouldn't have any problems staying put.
I am including this in my tutorial list because even though the instruction are basic and there aren't any pictures of the actual steps, I have included the image I used so that anyone can save the image, print it out, and copy what I did.

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