Friday, January 9, 2009

What now? Will the CPSC's new law put crafters like me out of business?

I am so infuriated about this new law that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has gotten passes. I want my kids to play with toys that are free from lead paint and other toxic poisons as much as the next parent. So that's why I started making playthings myself, like felt food and finger puppets. But now I can't sell it because of this law stating I need to have all toys and children's clothing tested for toxins? I am a stay-at-home mom and full time college student. Where would I ever get the money for that? And why shouldn't I be allowed to craft felt food and sell it on if I want? Will I really be fined and thrown in jail for 5 years as the law states for making unique and imaginitive toys for children? I think the companies who make the felt I use should have to incur that cost not the crafter at home. Well I will say this....F#*% YOU Consumer Product Safety Commission. Read my loophole, I will continue to make my stuff and sell it. If I have to I will sell it out of my garage to my neighbors. Try and stop me. Oh and I will be writing several LONG letters to my Congress person and Senators and any other goverment official with the ability to change this law to take into full consideration the smaller-than-small business home crafter.

You can read more about this law here:

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