Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A February Update for you!

Well time for another update. I have been such a slacker!! But truly for good reason, I am less than 6 weeks away from receiving my Associate's Degree and I have been super busy with school!!

Anyhow, I am posting this update to help keep me focused and to let you know what you are in for in the month of February! I promise the following projects (at least those...if not more!) will be posted this month!!

They are as follows, going clockwise from the upper left corner:

(1) An infant T-shirt pattern recon'd from a girl (size 7 in this case) t-shirt. The pants are recon'd from a girls (again, size 7 in this case) pair of sweatpants using a pattern I posted recently that can be found here. 02/17/09 DONE!! Here is the link to the finished project

(2) A *free* 12-18 month dress pattern I made, shown here as the pink University of Michigan dress.04/14/09 DONE!!Here it is!

(3) The mohawk hat with *free* pattern(sorry for the crap picture, a better one is on the way!).02/28/09 DONE!!Here it is!

(4) A toddler (size 2T-4T) art smock based on one I found here but changed slightly.March 9, 2010 -Yeah...umm...I got lazy and never finished this one completely the way I had intended. LOL. Its on the ever-growing "To-Do" list. So for now, it may not ever make it to this blog since I have far too many "cooler" things I plan to post! Bummer.

Aside from these updates, I hope to post over the next few months some shrinky dinks I have been making using recycled plastic, a tote plus *hopefully* a pattern, and some more fun stuff including more gifts I made at Christmas and never got around to posting. Thank you all for being so patient with me! I love ya!

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Carrie said...

Hi there....I just found your blog...and I LOVE IT!!!! you have so many great ideas. Love your tutorials on the onsies....

I just saw that the Michigan dress was a *free* pattern. Do you mind sharing where you got the pattern from?

Once again, awesome blog!!!