Friday, February 20, 2009

Monster for my little monster

I made this for my "little monster", my two-year old son, for this past Christmas. I wanted him to have one of those learn-to-dress dolls but they were all pretty cheesy looking. Besides, I did a homemade Christmas this year and thought making a monster looked fun!

I only included a few concepts from the learn-to-dress dolls: button, snap, velcro, zipper, in-and-out. I decided to forego the lace-up and buckle since he is too young for laces at this point and he already knows how to buckle (he has been playing with his sister's infant carseat a lot!).

I did not use a pattern and didn't make one for this either. I think these types of toys are better when they are unique and a little more free-form. I used fleece for the body and the arms. The claws, ears, eyes, belly, and belly button are all felt. The tongue is an old red t-shirt and the flies are both felt and fleece. The legs are old toe socks of mine that I narrowed and hand-stitched the toes together. There is quite a bit of embroidered things like the eyes and the numbers on the tongue. And the tail and tuft of hair are "fur" fabric that I made into a ball shape, stuffed, and hand-sewed on.

The belly was the most fun I have to say! I made the belly basically a panel that velcro'd closed and when lifted revealed the "inside" of the stomach. I put butterflies in the stomach for humor, of course. The stomach resembles a real stomach too! LOL. The butterflies were thick felt and I bought then in a package just like that. I added a snap to one and I slit the other to fit the button.

For the tongue I used an old red t-shirt and hand sewed on 10 flies and then embroidered the numbers on. I though in lieu of the other learn-to-dress concepts other people use that I would add the flies to teach counting. The whole tongue gets bundled up and put into the mouth and the mouth zips closed! The tongue teaches in-and-out!

Anyhow, hope you like it!


Heather - - said...

That's so cute!! I love all the details you included. The anatomically correct stomach is awesome!

Nancy said...

Wow! What wonderful, fresh creativity! Thanks for popping by my blog and inviting me to yours!

c by the sea said...

i love it! and i'm sure your child did too. it is very creative and silly and fun :0)

Fox and Amy said...

That is amazing! And to think that boring Ugly Dolls are so expensive! You could sell these!

HollyHox said...

Indeed, I love him and he is so beautifully made! =)