Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pleated Purse

I made this purse for my sister this Christmas using a free pattern that I altered to my needs which I found online from Canadian Living. Here is the link:

The original pattern called for a vinyl material and didn't include a lining. I didn't have vinyl fabric laying around so I opted to use a fun grey flannel fabric that had a black and rasberry-colored design on it. I used the leftover material from a black twin sheet I bought from Walmart for around $3 (makes super cheap fabric!) for the lining.

I added a band of fabric above the pleating because I was afraid with using flannel fabric that it needed a little more stability to help keep the shape the way I wanted it. I also added pockets in the same black fabric for this inside and used a hot pink (closest color I had to rasberry!) topstitching around the pockets. Basically I modified thhe entire bag, but the basics are on the Canadian Living site.
I added a small flap with magnetic closure to keep the bag closed. Lastly I added the metal dangle thingys (don't really know what else to call them!) which I hand sewed on using hot pink embroidery thread. I could have omitted the metal things but my sister is a flashy girl and needs her "bling" to be happy...without it, she wouldn't have used the purse I think. Plus the purse looked a little plain with out them! It was missing something and the metal dangle thingys were it! are the pictures of the purse. This first one is before I added the dangle thingys:

A closeup of the metal dangle thingys:

The inside:

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This is adorable!