Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fused Plastic Bag Coasters

I am placing this under the "Use What You Have Tuesday" category since I literally did just that for this project (you'll see why further down)! Enjoy!

I learned how to fuse plastic bags recently and it has been a crazy experimental ride since! Here is a link so you can learn too! I have screwed up (a LOT) but also learned a lot along the way. I feel like I have perfected the process finally and am happy to show you some coasters I made!

I made these as part of a "green" craft swap on Craftster where we were encouraged to use recycled material but at the very least could not spend any money. Well....no biggie there since I have quite the stash started! Anyhow because of the constraints on the swap I ended up having to used wool felt and synthetic felt. I want to sell these on Etsy and if I do I think I will use only one or the other and not mix the two.

Now because I want to sell these on Etsy I won't completely reveal how did these because of how hard it was to come up with the idea and how many trial-and-errors I had! But, I will say that I infused the bags with colored thread, metallic contact paper and used silver metallic thread for the stitching.

Here is a shot of the set of all four coasters:

And a closeup of two of the coasters:

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FuzzyFolk said...

I love those, it looks a little bit like a map with the stitching and the raised plastic areas.

Going to have a look at your fusing plastic info. I might be brave and try over the weekend :)