Sunday, April 5, 2009

Craft Room Bookshelf

Well I have been in desperate need of re-organizing my craft room, something that needs to be done about every 8 months or so. It was quite a coincidence that there was also a contest on that I could incorporate into this reorganizing! The contest was to decorate with buttons. I love buttons but don't have many (trying to build up my collection) so I had to come up with a creative solution. For those of you members of craftster you can check out the entries here. Oh, and I wouldn't be mad at you if you voted for my awesome book shelf LOL! Voting starts tomorrow I think. Well, even if I don't win (I never do!) I don't care....I LOVE this book case like you can't believe and am so happy about my craft room organization!

I found this image of buttons on courteous of lunartex. It was perfect and I thought would make a beautiful background for my currently unused bookshelf. So it was decoupage time! Here is what the bookshelf looked like before:

Here are a couple "during" shots:

Here are the after shots (I am so happy with how it turned out!). This first one is of the top portion of the book case; everything from the fabric panels up.

A full view with some linen (or possibly muslin?) panels I made. You can't see from this shot but there is a row of about 2 inches along the bottom that has hand sewn buttons on it to kind of mirror the idea with the decoupaged background. I screwed up a little here because the intent was for the panels to completely cover the bottom shelves but as usual I measured ONCE and cut right away; I forgot to take into account seam allowances!! So I ended up with gaps. It's okay though because I am going to find a creative way to fix it!

Here is a closeup of the button detail that runs along the bottom of the fabric curtains. And, yes, those are all sewn on by hand. It took forever. Its a good thing I didn't have more buttons because I wanted more on there!

A closeup of the top of the book case:

A closeup of the top shelf:

The next couple pics are of all my supplies and fun containers on the top shelf of the book case.

Some of my painting supplies:

A really cool picture of Mary and Jesus. I just like it. I have had it for ages and it looked antiqued when I got it. In front of that is a basket with some of those clear nylon containers (remember when nylons came in those!) filled with lace. I put all my lace trim in this basket.

I bought this tea container at Goodwill. I love how old it looks. It is filled with craft supplies of course and in front of it are baby food jars filled with color sorted buttons! Eventually I want to have enough buttons to fill lots more baby food jars and then do that cool organizing trick where you screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf like here.

Here are some other containers; one is filled with craft scissors, an old baby formular can houses all my seam binding, and an old candle jar was cleaned out and contains all my teeny tiny ribbons.

In this pic I took down the fabric panels so you could get a better view of what is behind them! I forgot I had this small white shelf thingy that fit perfectly with this new book shelf and now is the perfect size for all my fat quarters!! I also have some beading supplies and jewelry making things on that shelf too. My gold buddha is just there because he likes to hang out by my crafts. :P

Here is buddha peering out from behind the curtain...

Here is a closeup of the detail of the amazing decoupaged background of buttons galore!!

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Felt-o-rama said...

What an incredible bookshelf makeover! You really fooled me with the button background - at first I thought they were real! Nice work :)