Sunday, April 19, 2009

L is for Lion - *FREE* Applique

I came up with this the other day and love how it turned out! The directions are pretty basic and for anyone who has made applique's before this aught to be a snap! I chose to do a reverse applique on the L but you could certainly just do a normal applique instead.

Here is the pattern:

**Note: The elbow/arm piece and the body piece don't line up correctly if you try to pair up the top line...just eyeball it for the bext results. :P

For the "L" I used a heavy upholstery fabric because I liked the print and I already had it lying around! I used the cheap felt for the lion pieces. I would recommend ironing all your pieces onto some type of double-sided fusible webbing, then layering up the pieces onto the T-shirt and then ironing the entire thing together. I personally did the facial embroidery before ironing the entire piece onto the T-shirt so I could hide the thread between the applique and the t-shirt material. This is not really necessary though since they do sell that mesh-netting type stuff at the fabric store that can be ironed onto the inside of the t-shirt to cover the loose threads. I machine stitched around all the pieces and in a few places did some contrasting stitching for aesthetic.

Hope you like it and certainly email me if you have any additional questions about the construction:

4 comments: said...

Aww, this is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern with us, I'll be linking.

julbgs said...

i love this! i hope to make my own soon. thank you! love your blog.

Tania said...

Well very pleased to have come along and enjoy the crafty goodness around here!

UJ Tourism & Hospitality said...

Thank you so much for posting this!

My cousin's son is called Leonnel, but we call him Leo for short and this will be the PERFECT shirt for him!