Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Waldorf-inspired dolly

My daughter just had her first birthday and I wanted to make her something special that she would have for many years to come. I decided on a Waldorf-inspired doll after seeing these versions of the dolls. I researched these and found that the dolls have a sack body with arms attached and the outfit is sewn closed and is not removeable. I thought this would be perfect for my one year old. I found a website that teaches how to create these waldorf dolls and though I didn't need help with the bosy or arms (my own design), I had no idea how to do the face/head! So here was the website I used to create the face; I highly recommend it. I ended up using an old pair of pale pink ballet tights for the outside of the face, if you wanted to know.

My favorite part of the whole thing is the outfit. This was a footed pair of Carter's fleece pajama's for my daughter that she had out-grown. I think they were 6-9 months at most. I used the arms to create the hat and the rest of the pj's to make the outfit. I love this idea of reusing an outfit of hers because its now become a keepsake and something I hope she will cherish when she is grown.

An action shot!


Kira said...

It is so adorable! Your daughter is a lucky girl.

chibieteddy said...

you are amazing..!!!i like the craft..:)by the way..how to make baby booties?

chibieteddy said...

hello..you are amazing..!i like your craft..by the way how to make baby booties..?