Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Junk Jewelry Necklace

Today’s “Use What You Have Tuesday” is more of an inspirational guide than an actual tutorial by me. I did a Junk Jewelry Swap right before Christmas...I think....anyway it was a new experience in so many ways for me. It was my first craft swap (which now I am addicted to them!) and it was my first time really trying to mess with jewelry making. Before I get into the details of the necklace let me show it to you. ...And yes, I decorated the entire "package" as well. I couldn't resist. :P

The idea behind the swap was to create a piece of jewelry using "junk" jewelry that you have laying around in your jewelry box. You know, the costumer jewelry your grandma sent you for your 16th birthday that you never got rid of. Or the thought-it-was-cute-at-the-time jewelry from Claire's. Like most of us, I had a jewelry box full of jewelry I never wore but just never could seem to get rid of. So with this swap you collage jewelry pieces together to make a new funky piece of jewelry art!

I made a necklace out of for my partner from parts from a necklace I bought at H&M years ago and never wore. The dangling green beads hanging from the rose were from a pair of earrings. The silver rose was a stud earring...I looped the post around so that I could attach a jump ring and the green dangling beads. The dainty chain hanging from the main part of the necklace was just a plain chain I had that had a broken clasp. And the tiny shell discs dangling in random places were from a pair of earrings my sister gave me.

Here are two little but great links to get you started....now go out there and make your own junk jewelry necklace today!




Heather - CROQZine.com - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

And I was the happy recipient of your awesome necklace!! I had a lot of fun doing that swap, and the concept of remaking jewelry is so fun! Addictive! Oh, and that box you made was a work of art.

Tania said...

Fantastic jewels indeedy - LOVE the junk jewellery swap notion as well as the extra 'dangly bit' (technical term) on the left side!

Micah L, ShopandModel Hair Accessories for Women said...

Great looking necklace.. i love it! combination of the colors of jewels were amazing..