Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keyboard Clutch

I made this for a swap I was involved in around Christmas time. The girl I made it for was a computer science major (hence the computer theme). I love how this turned out and one day hope I can find the time to make one for myself.

The pattern/tutorial I used was from a post. Here is the original link for the instructions to this purse/clutch:

The only thing I did differently is that I added a flap closure. I would have used a magnetic closure but it was a "Buy Nothing/Green Swap" and we had to use what we already had. At that time all I had was velcro! LOL. Anyhow here it is!

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Katherine Marie! said...

WOW! I'm just so impressed with all your projects... absolutely amazing and then some! I wish I could sew--- then I could take advantage of your sensational patterns.

I see you are in South Bend--- I'm close by--- great to meet a local ARTIST. I would love to hear where YOU go for local inspiration. Have you been to 4 flags antique mall in Niles?? It's jammed packed with major artistic and crafty inspiration!