Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mustache Cd Case

Another installment of Use What You Have Tuesday! So the backstory on this one is that I don't have a car...I share with my hubby (you know, saves on gas, car insurance payments, yada yada...). Well my sister just joined the military and is in bootcamp for 12 weeks, so she is letting me use her car in the meanwhile! I decided that I would need to get a cd case in the car and found an ugly black Case Logic case that used to be the hubby's. It needed some work and so it inspired this project!

The supplies are super simple. All you need it a cd case of some kind, an iron-on patch for jeans, scissors, embroidery thread and needle, a seam ripper, and some ribbon to replace the ugly zipper pull with.

I used the seam ripper to remove the tiny sewn-on logo patch on the front of the case. I took the patch, which already comes folded in half and cut a half a mustache shape out on the crease so that when the patch was unfolded I had a full mustache.

Now when I ironed on the patch I accidentally touch some fo the seam binding with the iron...a word of caution, it melts...LOL. So if you come in from the spine area with the iron you won't touch any of the seam binding. Also, the patch didn't end up sticking as well as I had hoped so I ended up doing some stitching with the embroidery thread to help keep the mustache on. Then all I did was embroider the words on! I LOVE it! Something about the recent mustache craze with crafters that has me all giddy! :P

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