Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vintage in Detail: Dorset Buttons – Sewing Blog |

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I found this today while searching for a shirt to make for my date tonight with my Lenny Kravitz look-alike (yes he's a hotty!) and thought I would share! I am going to have to add these crazy buttons to my LOOOOOONG TO-DO list of crafty projects for a rainy day. I just love these and think they would make a great addition to the vintage inspired coat I am planning to make out of a 1970's bedspread!

These buttons are probably easy once you've done one or two but I can't lie....they are looking a little intimidating to me right now and I am not so sure that the instructions seem so clear. But I will know for sure once I attempt this! Maybe this is something I can work on over my break from school this January. Anyhow, check it out:

Dorset Buttons – How-To

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Easy Santa Beard

I love easy, fast sewing projects. Especially the ones that make me smile when I am done. This Santa beard is just that type of project.

I have seen similar designs all over the blog world and even on Etsy but I am on a budget so what do I do? Make it myself, of course!

This one that I made here and photographed is now in a box and on its way to my baby sister who is going to be spending her first Christmas away from the family. She is is the Marine Corp and serving in Afghanistan. She has an amazing sense of humor just like her big sister (I am not one for modesty LOL) and will just ADORE the humor in this beard. I can’t wait till she gets it.

Anyhow, let’s get on with it.


First download and print the pattern. I am now including a 1” control square on all  my patterns so this should help everyone out. :)


The materials are easy. 1 piece of pre-cut cream or white felt or a nice piece of soft flannel or fleece. This will be the liner that touches your face. A piece of white fleece just large enough to accommodate the pattern pieces.

Now I did the entire piece on my sewing machine but this could also be sewn by hand with a running stitch or blanket stitch. The choice is yours.

Oh and don’t forget your elastic! I chose a narrow white elastic (the size escapes my mind that the moment) but really the choice is yours here as well.

The elastic needs to be long enough to go around the head of the wearer, from ear to ear. There should be some stretching of the elastic when it is on the person but not so much that it leaves indentations and grimaces from “Santa.”

Stitch the mustache onto the right side of the beard piece (the piece that is facing the world not your freckles). Then place this onto the liner fabric.

Now for the elastic. You can pin it before sewing and have it sandwiched between the beard and the liner or your can sew it on last with the ends on the liner side. It’s up to you. The placement position is indicated on the pattern by a small grey box on the beard).

Okay so depending on what you decided for the elastic, you may only need to stitch the liner and beard pieces together using a straight stitch on your sewing machine. Keep the stitch as close to the edge as you feel comfortable.

(Here I am wearing the beard. Tee Hee.)

Remember this project is supposed to be easy and fun. There are no steadfast rules on this, bend or break the few rules there are as you see fit!

And lastly, just have fun. Enjoy! Muah!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm Alive!!

I am alive. I just thought I would share that. I have been a naughty blogger and completely ignored my baby (my blog) for almost a year! But in my defense I had a lot going on (see my previous post).

And I switched schools! I was attending the University of Phoenix online but decided to switch to art school. It was the BEST decision of my life! I am now attending The Academy of Art University out of San Francisco and working towards my BFA in graphic design completely online! It's really awesome.

I made Flickr profile that has, for the moment, just some of my schoolwork (though I will probably start using it for my blog as well in the future). You can check it out here.

What else has been going on? Well school does take up not only a lot of my time but a lot of my creative energy. I also lost over 65 pounds in the last year since the split with my ex and I am happier then ever!

So with my new found zest for life I am ready to start tackling this blogging world again! I am determined to get a book deal out of this blog and maybe get onto the Marta Stewart Show! LOL. So I better get to it!

Oh and the photo is not me LOL. Credit is due to the photographer: